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I am not sure what I did wrong, but I never got the npc to show up.

I finished all the star maps, and escaped the leviathan. Yet, when I went to the Dreshdea Bar, I noticed that Uthura was there... which was odd because I had killed her.

I talked to her and she said something about "have you changed your mind, are you ready to become a sith" or something like that. and when I said yes I was teleported to the Sith Academy, which was empty from me killing everyone. Other than that I did not see anyone else besides the normal npcs at the bar.

on another note... Nemo's robes showed up as white (yes white, not black). and I mean white as in bright white with no texture... soon after I saw him the health bars above my pc and party members thurned white and the a white square replaced the selection circle. reloading my save seemed to fix that problem, but nemo's robes where still white.

did I install something wrong perhaps? what was I supposed to do with the "sources" folder? that was also confusing to me.

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