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Originally posted by rainstiin
Yet, when I went to the Dreshdea Bar, I noticed that Uthura was there... which was odd because I had killed her.

I talked to her and she said something about "have you changed your mind, are you ready to become a sith" or something like that. and when I said yes I was teleported to the Sith Academy, which was empty from me killing everyone. Other than that I did not see anyone else besides the normal npcs at the bar.

on another note... Nemo's robes showed up as white (yes white, not black). and I mean white as in bright white with no texture... soon after I saw him the health bars above my pc and party members thurned white and the a white square replaced the selection circle. reloading my save seemed to fix that problem, but nemo's robes where still white.
Oddly enough, I had those very same problems. I killed Yuthura(and Uthar, and the whole Academy) but she would still show up on the bar and teleport me inside the Academy. I tried talking to her and teleporting inside, hoping she would dissapear from the bar but that did not work... She was still there.

Oh, and Nemo's completely white except for his head(which is a separate model, or so I think). A shiny white, as in the Stormtrooper's Armor recently released.

Edit: And about the NPC not spawning, I can't say a word about that since I did not complete the Leviathan yet.
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