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I have the following mods installed:

- ChAiNz's Bastila's Revelation Robes

- sith_master2000's Black HK-47

- Darth333's EZ Swoop Race

- Prime's Stormtrooper Armor(just the player useable one, not the one that swaps Sith armor for it)

- RedHawke's Bastila's Clothes Wearable by PC(with some modifications on the appearance.2da to make them look like the revelation robes)

- GameUnlimited's Romance Mod

- Mono_Giganto's Make T3 a Workbench

And of course, your Revan's Oufit +.

Note: The only file that is used by more than one of the aforementioned mods is appearance.2da!
Which as I said, I did a few minor changes.
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