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Originally posted by James Isaac
That would be very good if someone could upgrade the models and textures . But I imagine it would be very time consuming, because isn't each bone of each character stored as an individual file?

And, if you just changed the models, would the game still work properly, or would there be any problems with the code because of the new models?
In terms of remodelling, you are best starting from scratch. Using the existing files as a base is silly. As far as the technical part goes, no, each bone is not an individual file. There are multiple 'costumes' however.

If you remodelled correctly, it should probably work. But as exporting models for the original game is quite technically challenging... using Residual as a base gives lots of time to get the remodelling project perfect... since it'll still take us a bit to ensure the whole engine is more or less bug free anyway

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