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Dark Forces Walkthrough

Heya folks

As a couple of you know, I've been working on a walkthrough for Dark Forces. I know what you're thinking - there are tons of walkthroughs around for a ten year old game. This is true, but I did have my reasons.

I bought the PS1 version off Ebay recently for my 9 year old nephew. He loves JO and JA but hasn't played any of Kyles earlier adventures. So I'm round there and I get a shout of "can you help me with the game?" So I go up and guide him through the first level. Then he starts asking me about the second level and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember Worse still, I had the same attention span 10 years ago that he's got now, and I think I originally gave up on the game at level 4.

So, I went looking on t'internet for a walkthrough to print out for him. The problem I found was they were either too complex for him to get (like the ones with the list of co-ordinates) or they tended to skip over large chunks with a phrase like "find the blue key up on the next level". So I played through the game (yes, using a walkthrough ) and wrote a new walkthrough as I went along. I played it through on the PS1 version too, to check that it's easy enough to do. And the result... is right here. It's an Adobe Acrobat file so you'll need the reader.

I printed out a couple, made a transparency cover and wire-bound them (one for him, one for me):

So, yeah. Lemme know what ya think anyways!

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