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I'm a Jedi alright. But i never mentioned..I was an EVIL DARK JEDI!. He pressed somthing on his belt and he instantly changed into a dark jedi stand there with a double blade red lightsaber. What is going on here old man don't play tricks with me! OH, no tricks...I am really a Dark Jedi. once i saw you kill the holographic Jedi i knew you were the one for me! Join me and my clone army and we will take over the Empire from the inside! Are you ok old man? There is no clone army! they are all Stormtroopers now! They are the Emperor's puppets! That is what you think! He will rule the universe together! No one can stand in our way! You mean your way. I don't fall for cheap tricks like this. Now either give me another 50,000 Credits or prepare to die. Fine then you will die... The Dark Jedi leaped at me with his double-bladed lightsaber...

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