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Here are some sound bugfixes:

when you use meditate/bow and saber is not out, usually with staff or dual sabers the saber off sound still plays fix:


where it says

{//turn off second saber
just above the G_Sound add

if (ent->client->ps.weapon == WP_SABER)

same for {//turn off first
if (ent->client->ps.weapon == WP_SABER)

do the same with bow.

in g_cmds.c find the Cmd_SaberAttackCycle_f command

and look for the G_Sound 's in it and just add above them:
if (ent->client->ps.weapon == WP_SABER)

i suppose you could just have a return towards the top of the function like:

if (ent->client->ps.weapon == WP_SABER) {

hope that helps

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