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If anybody has the time and energy to spare, I'd like a signature. I have alot of trouble trying to explain what I'm looking for, but here's a go:
I once saw a very nice sig, it had a black backround and a very colorful kind of swirl on it. It wasn't a swirl exactly, but almost like a group of overlayed curves all of different colors.

I have a love of the abstract, the slightly mystical, the vague. The odd, the magical. The place that you know cannot exist in reality, but is so immersive that it makes you say "what if". I'm really looking for the some of these things in a picture.

Preferrably the only text would be a simple "Altus" somewhere in it, corner or center or whatever doesn't matter.


When all is said and done, more is said than done.

Thanks to ZeeMan for the sig!
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