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yavin 4 : temple

allrighty then..

Secure the bunker. Use a lot of mines, this way when a speeder bike comes rushing in ... BOOM!!
Take the eastern flank (viaduct), dont bother too much with the open battlefield yet. Man the poles (what are they called?). See to it that you get snipers (maybe vanguard) all the way up the viaduct. Mine it all the way. Once you have this covered start the assault. Take good advantage of your camouflage, don't shoot untill necessary / you have a sure shot.

Use dark troopers to get on the viaduct . Use speederbikes and try to rush & cap the bunker ASAP.If this doesn't work take the CP located underneath the viaduct. If you're a soldier crouch and prone a lot (white really stands out here). Basically mines and DT's are your best friend here.

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