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One thing you have to remember: if you control less than 50% of the command posts, your reinforcements start draining away (your team's ticket count bar starts flashing and the announcer says "We're losing reinforcements!"). Conversely, if you control more than 50% of the command posts, the other side's reinforcements start draining away. So make sure you capture the nearest enemy command post as quickly as you can, and hold it. And if the other side gets one of your command posts take it back immediately. Don't worry about capturing all of the command posts, just capture and hold >50% and the other side will drain away.

So keeping that principle in mind, this is what I do:

Kamino: Start as a Jet Trooper. Get to the Beta 2 command post as quickly as possible. I use the Jet Pack inside the Cloning Center because it's faster than running. I run after I run out of fuel while it recharges, then I fly again across the water straight to Beta 2. While I am capturing the CP, usually a droideka or two rolls up and gets Beta 3. As soon as I capture Beta 2, I fly up to Beta 1. Usually a droideka or SBDs will come up from Beta 3, so be ready. If you can capture Beta 2 and Beta 1 this way, you can usually capture Beta 3 pretty quickly because it is caught in a crossfire from Beta 1 and Beta 2. Once you have Beta 1, 2, and 3, and the Cloning Center, you have 4 out of 7 CPs and the droid reinforcements start draining. Go back to the Cloning Center and defend it, and victory is imminent.

Geonosis: Start as a Clone Pilot and get an AT-TE. Go around to the right of the Spire and take out the 3 Techno-union ships. Then head back to the area between the West Bunker, East Bunker, and Derelict and camp which ever one(s) the droids have. Just keep killing droids as they spawn, and kill any droids in the bunkers near the CP. I also take out droidekas and spider tanks as priority targets. This one is usually close, with only about a dozen guys left on my side when we win.

Naboo: Plains: Start as a Jetpack Trooper. Jet to the nearest Kaadu and ride it to the Center CP and capture it. You will then have 3 of the 5 CPs and the droids start to drain. Take cover and defend the CP. When you are killed, spawn as a Clone Pilot and head back to the Center. Climb the two sloping pillars and build the gun turrets at the top, and use them to defend the center. If it is secure, jump into a tank and camp an enemy CP, killing droids as they spawn and blowing up their turrets, then park over the CP and hop out, crouch next to the tank for cover, and take the command post.

Tatooine: Dune Sea: Start as a Rebel Pilot. Jump into a Combat Landspeeder and go to the Tusken Camp. Kill all of the Sand People, park over the CP, hop out and crouch next to the speeder for cover, and capture the CP. That will give you 3 out of 6 CPs so your reinforcement drain stops. The Empire has 2 out of 6 so their drain continues. Get back in the speeder and defend the CP until some other Rebels spawn to secure it. Then head around the back to the Sandcrawler and kill all enemies around it. Then drive the speeder right up to the Sandcrawler opening and hop out and crouch behind the speeder and capture the command post. The speeder provides excellent cover and the Sandcrawler itself shields the rest of you. Then get back in the speeder and head to the Dune Sea CP if there are no manned AT-STs near it. Blow up the turrets, then kill any enemies as they spawn before they get into the AT-STs. That will deny the Empire their AT-STs for awhile. Usually someone eventually gets into an AT-ST, or if there are already manned AT-STs at the Dune Sea CP, I take the speeder to the bridge area and take out the enemy turrets there and defend the Homestead. If the Homestead gets captured, I drive the speeder right up to the door (blocking it), hop out and retake the CP.

Tatooine: Mos Eisley: Start as a Rebel Soldier. Run towards the Warehouse along the edge of the map and get in through the "back door". I usually run and shoot at the same time, never stopping. Either capture the CP immediately or crouch by the medical droid first to heal if necessary. That will give you 4 out of 6 CPs and the Empire starts to lose reinforcements. When the CP is secure, keep going along the edge of the map and rush the Housing CP. If you can hold at least 4 CPs you will win.

Rhen Var: Citadel: Start as a Rebel Soldier. Run straight to the Ruins CP and capture it. After it is secure, you can either pick off Empire troops coming out of the Observatory, or help defend the Keep, which is usually in contention. I also like to circle around the back and help take the Crypt. After you take that you can work up the stairs to a platform with an ammo gonk droid overlooking the Observatory. I just keep lobbing thermal denators into the Observatory and running back to the gonk to reload.

Kashyyyk: Islands: Start as a Rebel Soldier and get in the Y-wing. Make sure you have a gunner (you'll see the turret guns moving). Fly to the Landing Zone CP, clear out any enemies, then land. Tell your gunner to get out, then get out yourself and tell the gunner to back you up, then "hold your position" around the CP. Once it is captured you will have 4 of the 6 CPs and the Empire will start to lose reinforcements. After it is secure, get back in the Y-wing and make bombing and strafing runs on the Empire troops.

Endor: For fun on Endor, I play as a Rebel Pilot and run towards the Barracks (where the AT-STs spawn). Avoid combat, just run as fast as you can; switch your alternate fire to Dispense Health and Ammo and if you get wounded, just Alt-fire and you'll toss Health in front of you as you are running, you can heal yourself without stopping. Circle around to the right of the command post so you aren't seen. Look where the AT-STs are spawning, and sneak around to the tree nearest the spawn point and hide behind it. Only kill enemies that discover you, and avoid the turret that is usually manned. When an AT-ST spawns, run up and enter it. Kill all enemies in the command post, starting with the turret (blow it up so no one else can use it). Then you can either hop out and convert the command post (if you are brave), or just camp the spawn points and kill them as they spawn. It is important to face the AT-ST spawn point, and kill all enemies before they can board the AT-STs. That way you keep yourself alive AND you deny the enemy their AT-STs.

Kashyyyk: Docks: Start as a Rebel Pilot and make sure all the turrets are built. Then try to sneak out to the Beachhead CP. Dispense Health to yourself as needed as I described in Endor above. When you sneak onto the Beachhead, try to get an AT-ST as soon as it spawns. Use it to blow up the turret that is there and any enemies that spawn. Then hop out and capture the CP. That CP takes a lot longer to convert, and you'll never survive if that turret is still there, so you have to take it out first. After the CP is captured, that gives you 4 out of 7 CPs (assuming that the Empire has the Landing CP, which they usually do) and they will start to lose reinforcements. Then get back in the AT-ST and have fun using it against the Empire troops.

Bespin: Platforms: Start as a Rebel Pilot or Clone Pilot. Jump in an aircraft and take out the anti-aircraft guns from long range, especially the ones on the Command building, but also the ones on Dock and Fuel. As soon as they are rebuilt, take them down. You can usually then capture the Dock and\or Fuel, giving you a majority of the CPs, even if the Empire captured the Extractor. Then either repair the anti-aircraft gun at the CP and use it to supress the other anti-aircraft guns, or get back in your fighter and keep supressing the anti-aircraft guns.

Anyway, always make sure you have at least half of the command posts so your reinforcements don't drain away.

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