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1. Had to happen, not even going to argue about that

2. The Force power is legit, all Flax did was create a force field and suck the air out through a hole, then block it up. Wurth Skidder did it in NJO. Thats where I got the idea from.

3. Demons are a concept Flax has, Behamoth used a key word Dragon. That's to Flax what WMD is to a world leader. To Flax Dragon and Demon are the same thing.

4. Never said the trick killed him.

5. I assumed Scar would just come up with a way out of it anyway. How's this, there's an air supply good for two days in there. If Behamoth respires like a human he has a good six hours to come up with something.

6. Had he not been immune to blaster fire I would have shot him with a stun bolt.

7. Reff assassins: I can accept that murderers and rapists are patently sick in the head and are basic wackos. Assassins are people who make a rational choice to enter a proffession which is centred around killing in cold blood.

Mass murderers, child rapists and megalomaniac evil warlords are not even forms of life.

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