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dude it don't matter, something like that requires years of training anyway

and don't give me that 'oh he has been for several years'. One character can only train and do so much stuff (Ie rule over a race of people, isnt that what Flax's occupation is again?)

but seriously, i cant look at any of your agamarian (what ever you spell it) Jedi, as Jedi in ANY sense

they're too arrogant, you make em so that they have too much power when its not possible, even with a force boost from Soephae. the human body can only take so much, reguardless if its 'boundless'

if even that, just generaly that you have characters that seem to know powers with out training
use them in the manner definately not jedi-like

and with soephae give her 'revenge' on F. irvine by making him 'feel pain'

look, if someone's a jedi, no matter which race you look at it. they HAVE to be devoted to what they're doing. if their ont he light side, act it

there is one constant in theSW universe that i definately know that exsists in our little universe. is that the each side of the force isn't quite one or the other, in more then one ways it has shades of grey. but if you're light, you can't be acting arrogant and such. granted i don't know EU as much as anyone here, but f**k, if your entire 'agamarian' race acted like all of your characters are now, they wouldnt have been noble.

i dont care if that dont make sense to you or not. just stop and think about what your character is going to have before YOU MAKE IT

i know my characters have flaws
f**k, f. Irvine's personality has changed so meny times i have no idea what the count is. but that fits his character

Irvine he's way too emo-ish. but heck the whole trip itself has been stressful on him anyway, Ie from a possible soon-to-be-jedi to on cracken's ship en route to korriban. he made the mistake in his life that he uses the force too much that he relies on it. so when cracken had ysamari (correction pls) he fliped out, he went into a force depravision. (correction pls)

then of course being somewhat corrupted being on the very soil of korriban (which made cracken pleased anyway), with that the very dark power thats on that planet he struck out agenst cracken when he heard that he had a sister and cracken kept htat from him. but continueing on he got upset that he didnt know what to do on the executor during the trip to it, cus of his sister sititng right next to him, and he just remembered why didnt cracken tell him. it really ticked him off....

Sir-vin and cracern. earily on from what i heard from red and admiral, that i made the two characters have the same personality reguardless of what side of a conversation that eac would be on.
well i just let the characters grow a bit, change what they do in the long time skips, even a name change

[edit]let's not forget one more thing. what is not Flax who dressed up in shards and robes, and whom used stealth and what not to kill F. Irvine on a moon of coruscant? Sure he may not have doen it for money, but he sure did use it in a very 'assassiny' method.

if you dont remember it, i sure as hell do. its after the aesir drop f. irvine and a few more people on coruscant's moon before he becomes all more evil-like

IE: his corpse becomes reanimated by the ghost of Vertmor, and there fore he turns it into his body.

forgot how i got back F. Irvine tho...

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