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1. It could have been done simply in a different way. A gravity trap. A mind trick. Leading Behemoth into some sort of other trap. [That larger area he requested for example.]

2. I can't find details of this Force power online, so taking it at face value. Simply put, Jedi cannot make impenetrable force fields. Certainly they can make force fields, but can you imagine Protection lasting 5+ minutes when being presumably pounded on by near-superweapons. And, if Flax can actually do that, it's definitely godmoding.

3. No, because while WMDs exist dragons do not. Before you say "Mrear" and "Drago", no, at least some Mrear dragons aren't anything like, close to, or resembling demons. (Up to Deac for specifics obviously.)

Now look what 'dragon' actually means in the Star Wars universe context.

I see lots and lots of dragons but no mention of demons.

4. We/I know. Not the issue.

5. *Shrug*

6. See above.

7. Neither murderers nor rapists are necessarily sick in the head. Many make rational choices to do what they do and for worse reasons than money. And they can cause alot more damage because it's often personal.

Mass murderers, child rapists and megalomaniac evil warlords are not even forms of life.
They are living so they are forms of life, which makes them lower than assassins. ;p

Anyway, I'm pretty much going to drop this last subject, because discussing it is both pointless and distasteful.

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