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Name: Matrin LeCelli
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Vehicle: E-77 Fighter TIE Bomber
Vehicle Weapons- Atomic Bomb, 4 Guided Missiles
Handheld Weapons- E-11 Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn Rocket Launcher
Occupation- Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track
Class in Occupation: Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations, Level 18 of 20
Appearance: Blue Armour with special White and Red Jetpack, White

Other Info: LeCelli in his early years lived in Le Havre in France, before becoming interested in Space Travel and flying to Hoth. There, he met Marcus LeCoy, who introduced him to many other imperials. Since 4 years ago, he has been becoming a very sucessful and wealthy man. Being the Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations is a hard job, however, as Jedi are needing to be killed or diverted by his soldiers. It is Matrins choice to decide about war, and the next level in his career is MoD, Minister of Defence.

Does anyone want me to write out the Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track? It'd be my pleasure.

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