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Right to explain the Dragon thing:

In the Lahara Sector, on the edge of the Cowl Crucible is a planet named Tarsis. Tarsis is a lush and verdant world, with a dark secret.

Any ships that remains on the surface for more than 30 minutes totally loses power, the same is true for anything that uses any kind of power cell. The same effect prevents orbital bombardment.

The cause of this phenomonon is unknown since it has never been studied. What is known is that the native population is a mix of extremly nasty sentient species.

The Agamarians take it apon themselves to fight these creatures on their home world because the beings once escaped causing catastrophic damage.

One of the creatures on the planet is an extremly vicious bipedal lizzard, commonly reffered to as "Dragons" along with several other aparently related species.

All the creatures on this planet are refered to as Demons.

I have to cut this short because I want to edit what Flax did, since everyone was so upset with it, hopefully Scar will see it before he leaves.

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