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Exclamation DrunkenMasters 60 FPS server

Greetings everyone. I have been recommended to come here and spread the word about my server.

Name of the server is DrunkenMasters-60-FPS

I have been trying to test this for a few weeks now but just was told about this forum today after being very active on the LA forums. This is a super smooth server but the problem I am having is not many people stay long enough to get the server full. I have been working hard to provide the community with a quality high FPS server to play on but I need your help in getting the server full so we can test at even higher framrates!

Please feel free to stop in and test the server and report on your experience. For those of you who use teamspeak we offer a free channel to use while playing on our servers.

Teamspeak IP default port - There is no password to join.

I run no bots, player select (for now), mainly GCW era (personal favorite) and 32 players. This server is running on dual p4 2.8 xeon processors, 3 gigs ddr ram, and 10000 rpm hard drives, and is connected to an oc48 network in Dallas, Tx. so it should be a smooth ride for anyone in the US. Please stop in for a few games!

Thanks alot!

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