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Queldoras finally pulled his ship out of hyperspace. "Gah," he said to himself. "Being lost in hyperspace really put a damper on things. Oh well. Time to get to the bounty."

The sharp spires of the Jedi Temple stuck into the sky. Queldoras was set in position, waiting for his prey to make a move. Finally, the Zabrak came out. Queldoras smiled. He sprung into action, eight out of twelve limbs flaying a stabbing. The Jedi, despite all the training she had recived, was not prepared. Her body was covered in holes, and she lay dead on the ground. Queldoras grabbed the lightsaber and flew back to Corusant.

Run from me, Hide from me,
Hear my Tomphson singing,
Son of Freedom's family,
Death to you is bringing.

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