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Hi, newb here, so I'd appreciate if you're all fairly patient with me. I've been lurking here for a while as I'm a "closet" SWBF fan. I don't own it, my close friend does and I'm actively "spreading the word". We make a great team.

Okay, enough blab.
Apologies, but my list of suggestions (for a battlefront 2?) is kinda long.

General game lark:
I think that battlefront would be cool to have an active tutorial that lets you walk around on a “holodeck” of sorts while a Leia soundalike introduces some key concepts, rather than some dull movies. I think it’d be cool to give battlefront the feel that it is a military simulation, say like something the New Republic conjured up as a method of studying war tactics to use against the Yuuzhan Vong. It’s not critical though, just presentation.

The FPV on the PS2 version is pretty lame, I think the hands and weapons are too small, the proportions should be more like Halo2, which is very convincing. Being able to see your own feet is a cosmetic bonus and probably would make the game a serious fps contender. Oh, and better weapon models! What the heck is the Darktrooper doing with an E11!

I think some more alternative skins for each class on different levels (e.g. Snowtroopers) would be cool, especially for the droids and clones. Maybe Ep3 will highlight some neat ideas, but otherwise, I'd like to see ice-encrusted droids on Rhen-Var, it’s cosmetic.

The Darktrooper probably needs a more powerful “shotgun”. I should be able to kill 2 enemies at once at close range, not have it relegated to a “melee” weapon. Otherwise, no complaints.

Vehicles and weapons:
I think the AT-ST was screwed. The concussion grenade launcher should be put back in and under the control of pilot 2 IMHO to counter the Rebel “tank”, by making it anti-vehicle.

I feel that vehicles can be almost “too” good in general, because they have high acceleration (AAT excluded). I think they should give the feel they do weigh over 30 tons with only a repulsolift to get them off the flow, so nixxing acceleration (not top speed!) would stop people just “charging in”. I feel vehicles should be for heavy support, not something that can win the battle and rack up mega-kills.

I think weapons should be separated into anti-infantry, anti-tank and “kill-all”. The AP weapons would have large splash and kill infantry well, but be near useless on vehicles, while the AT weapons should have a minimal splash in comparison, but hurt a ton if given a direct hit, while the “kill-all” just sums up the AT-AT. So I think the Rebel landspeeder should have AT missiles, and an AT main cannon with small splash damage, so it depends on its blasters to defend itself from Shocktroopers. It’s just “re-prioritising weapons” really.

So I think that rocket infantry should actually have a tighter splash radius and grenades and mines etc should have a much larger “bang”.

I disagree about the realism of aircraft slowing down as “unrealistic”, after all, they have to land sometime and if they’re VTOL anyway, they might as well have a good cruising speed.

Oh yeah, hijacking vehicles would be hilarious, perhaps it’s a pilot’s unique ability, but an AT-AT would be captured like a heavy command post, so in other words, “watch your back!”

Galactic conquest:
This one’s a biggie!

It should be able to be played online!
Also, I think it’d look better if the map was the Star Wars universe map, that is shown on the loading screen, so you’d get a brill transition from choosing the planet, to zooming in on it’s surface.

Also, there should be more planets and more levels! Ideally, for galactic conquest, there should be a level “the good guys” dominate, a level the “bad guys” dominate and a “free-for-all” level. So when a planet is being contested, the level chosen is based on who currently owns it. E.g. if the rebels invade an imperial Tatooine, gives a different level than if the imps invaded a rebel Tatootine. If the planet is nuetral the “free-for-all” level takes place, where neither side has a particular advantage.

Also, you should have to “earn” planetary bonuses, not have them at start, so you don’t start with any planets, but 4 wins in a row means you can attack their base planet with your superweapon if they have no other planets, for a quick win. But if the opponent has any planets, they must be attacked. The base planet can’t be attacked directly unless the opponent has no other planets and the superweapon is not ready (after 4 victories). In other words…nab those planets!

There should be more bonuses as well, such as “vehicles auto repair” or “poison” where your units are poisoned and loose health slowly down to 50%, just to make the bonuses much stronger.

If you get a “medel” you should be rewarded, such as a higher default ammo for good snipers, and a lightsabre for Jedi killers!

Also, if you win two matches in a row, perhaps there should be the option to disable the opponent’s superweapon by invading it! E.g. the famed death star level, Admiral ackbar’s command ship for the rebellian, a trade fed. Ship or a Rebuplic command ship. If you win, the superweapon is disable until they recapture it. Of course, there’s nothing stopping the opponent from winning just enough to disable yours and regaining control of theirs if they’re good enough.

I think that there should be options for removing vehicles in “quick-play” and online as well as allowing the imperials/rebels on Geonosis and the clones/droids on Endor. After all, it isn’t aiming for realism in those situations, just fun and “what-if” scenarios.

Also, melee attacks where at close range you “auto-whack” with the butt of your rifle would be rather funny and good for sneaking up on campers.

A “kill the VIP” would be cool, with side and level specific VIPs, such as the Emperor on the death Star, an MTT on Naboo etc, where they’d take disgusting amounts of damage, but could be healed and an auto-win for the assassinations.

Also, there should be configurable options for numbers of reinforcement points, from 200-infinty where there is a time limit and victory is based on command point % captured at the end of the match.

Phew! I think that covers it.

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