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Things I would most like to see

- SDK! I'm not much of a modder myself, but this game has the potential to really take off if they get some tools in the hands of the community.

- Some way of dealing with vehicle spawn camping. Best idea that I've heard is if the CP isn't contested, you spawn in immune to damage *and stun* for several seconds. Even with the immunity, its too easy to sit in a vehicle stun then kill.

- The demo I consider less important. I mean if you really want to try the game out, you can go down to blockbuster, rent a PS2 and the game and see if you like it.

- I'd love to see the Galactic Conquests SP game expanded into multiplayer. Clans could spend weeks going back and forth against each other. Sounds like a ton of fun.

- The SDK! I know I already said it, but its important! Without new levels, new ways to play, and other innovations the game will wither on the vine. Modern games rely on the communities around them, and SWBF has tons of fans eager to get into the guts of it.

- New levels would be nice. I'd love to see a total space battle map, or something inside the Death Star. (Or they could just release an SDK and we can roll our own...)
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