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Why is a demo so important? I always wonder why people would want a demo that doesn't allow you to fully experience the game but to each his own.

I think the most important thing we need in the next patch is mod tools, hands down. This game really is acheing for new maps and with the competition such as Half Life 2, Halo, and the upcoming KOTOR 2, the game needs something to compete. I have all but stopped playing because i have all these other games that are out now, but once the tools are released, i'll be back full time.

I think the other things needed are better netcode for the fps cap removal and an auto update so that when playing online, like bf vietnam which forces you to update for maximum player potential.

Other things i would change would be a wider selection of sounds for guns and environments. I think the gun souds can get a little monotonous at times so a little variation here and there would help the immersion factor a bit. Maybe those unfinished vehicles can be implemented as well for mappers and modders. I would really like to see a death star or a star destroyer such as the executor. Also smaller star destroyers and rebel calamari cruisers would be nice for space maps. It might be asking too much as the work it would take to get these into the game would be a serious chore. However, I envision a map where you can have a star destroyer and cruiser in a land/air map at around a high but low altitude (500 feet) which would serve as bases for the teams but you could also launch ships such as xwings and tie fighters. The the land based battle would be on an island or something. Hmmmmm............
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