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As far as the DF Sounds're right, the quality is a little inferior, but with a little editing and remixing, who knows? Remember, this will only be a MOD...freebie, zip, zero, nadda (nod to Monster Garage), not a new Activision/Raven/LEC game for sale. No profit will be made for our labor of love, unless you count hours af gameplay and smiles as profitable items.

Second of all, the sounds may never even make it into this MOD, but would be nice to experiment with different sounds. We have a lot of sound EFX which have never been used in a SW game before, but once again, who knows if they will make it into the final cu. This is collective effort and majority rule, so to sum it up I will only say again...WHO KNOWS?

Third, please send me the link by PM or just post it in a response so I can chase down the aforementioned JO sounds.


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