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Angry What the...

What I'd like to see in the new patch?

Well for starters, get this game working for multiplayer. I don't know how the f people are playing online but I've reinstalled the game 3 times now with all the patches and then just the 1.11 patch and the game will not work period. I am pissed since I payed $50 for a game that doesn't work worth crap. I've tried various ports on my router, I've even used tcpview to see which ports need to be opened and then opened them, I've tried plugging my comp straight into my cable modem. It doesn't work and I'd like the new patch to address this problem. It's probably the main issue with many people who aren't able to even play online. THAT's ALL WE CARE ABOUT! GET IT TO PLAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!
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