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Christmas Action

It's that time of year again - December. Around this time our minds should be turning to the poor and needy in the world, but more importantly, to the annual MIGC Christmas Tournament!

The traditional Christmas game, in case you've been living in a very dark cave for the past few years, is Quake. But there are other options too! Who could forget the glory days of Unreal Tournament, with similar-looking Glottis skins causing disaster and chaos? Or the comedy value of repeatedly shooting Gabez in the face from a secret location in Half-Life Deathmatch? Or the sheer frustration of lobbing a banana bomb skilfully across a level, only to have it bounce back and wreak terrible vengence on your entire team in Worms World Party? Or indeed, any of the other games MIGC have ever played, with the possible exception of Virtua Tennis (thanks Ben).

What I'm saying to you is this: hey maan, it doesn't have to be Quake. It can be any of those other things I mentioned too. Maaan.

With this in mind, I've slapped together this handy poll. Vote for what you'd like to play. Don't vote for what you don't want to play. You can vote for multiple options (er, assuming vBulletin allows me to set that up), because we can play several games in one night, or several games across several nights, or one game across several nights, or even one game across one night. Is that all the permutations covered? Whatever. Anyway, vote. Vote vote vote.


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