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Re: SPOILER!!! Gadon Thek's Powerbelt

Originally posted by Darth Gizka

Is there a cheat or do I need something else?
mate, where theres a game, theres CHEATS!!!

i know the majority but not that one, look in KT for a .uti becoz in-game THEY are your cheats:

just put giveitem in front of the cheat code: giveitem G1_I_implant303 ( i likes this one ) :P

Single Blue Sabre = G_W_lghtsbr01
Single Red Sabre = G_W_lghtsbr02
Single Green Sabre = G_W_lghtsbr03
Single Yellow Sabre = G_W_lghtsbr04
Single Purple Sabre = G_W_lghtsbr05
Single Heart of Guardian Sabre = G1_W_lghtsbr01
Single Mantle of Force Sabre = G1_W_lghtsbr02

Blue Double-Saber = G_W_dblsbr001
Red Double-Saber = G_W_dblsbr002
Green Double-Saber = G_W_dblsbr003
Yellow Double Saber = G_W_dblsbr004
Purple Double-Saber = G_W_dblsbr005
Heart of Guardian Double-Saber = G1_W_dblsbr001
Mantle of ForceDouble-Saber = G1_W_dblsbr001

Blue Short Saber = G_W_shortsbr001
Red Short Saber = G_W_shortsbr002
Green Short Saber = G_W_shortsbr003
Yellow Short Saber = G_W_shortsbr004
Purple Short Saber = G_W_shortsbr005
Heart of Guardian Short Saber = G1_W_shortsbr01
Mantle of Force Short Saber = G1_W_shortsbr01

these can also help you get YOUR OWN CUSTOM ITEM in-game!!!!

i know, this doesnt get you the code you were seeking but it does help to know HOW to find cheats

i wish you luck friend, and to everyone else


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