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-Health bar or at least a button to call for medic/ammo, and i can see an icon over their head. ATM as a pilot i dont see why i should run after em and beg em to accept my packs. If you include these icons i would heal em etc
Concur. Pilot should be able to see allies' health via a visual indicator to aid with the decision to dispense ammo/health packs.

Also concur that the 'game wrap up' screen should allow players to type messages to each other. Post-game chat is a requisite of online gaming!

Also concur the pregame sat image displays need more information. At least show players the specific map name, not just the planet name!

Would also like to have a transparent scoreboard through the TAB key and still be able to move around the map concurrently, similar to how most scoreboards are implemented in most FPS games.

Do not concur that the air vehicles should not be able to fly low and slow. I can't do good close air support without throttling down and lining up my ground targets. Keep the air vehicle speeds as they are.

And the Wookie timebomb should be made throwable.

Also, I think the wookie detonator launcher should made to perform like the imperial issue detonator launchers: With a default tap shot, the detonators should explode on contact but if you charge up the launcher, you can bounce the detonators around the combat area.

Currently, I've had several maddening experiences as a Wookie where I shoot a detonator right in a Stormy's FACE and the detonator simply bounces off without detonating!

Also, how about let players doubleclick on the spawnpoints when selecting a spawn location. This would spawn them at the doubleclicked location. Far more efficient interface that way, than clicking a spawnpoint and then moving the mouse all the way over and lining up on the spawn button and clicking on it.

Galactic Conquest online is an idea who's time has come! Please, Pandemic, give us Galactic Conquest for multiplayer!


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