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Built for the Emperor around the Battle of Endor, but wasn't finished until 6 years later. Destroyed by the Emperor when he lost control over the Force Storm he had created.

Eclipse II
Destroyed by the Galaxy Gun, along with a sizable force of other ships, and Byss itself.

Flagship of Admiral Roekm stationed in the Inner Rim Regions. Entered into
service before the battle of Endor.

The very first Executor class to roll out of the shipyards. Commanded by
Admiral Ozzel, later by Captain Piett. Darth Vaders flagship. Met it's
demise when it plunged into the second Death Star surface.

Flagship of Fleet Admiral Gaen Drommel. Was stationed in the Core regions
near Coruscant at the time of Return of the Jedi. Heavy damaged three years
after the Battle of Endor, but survived. Captured by the New Republic a
decade later.

Was finished around 13 years after the Battle of Endor. Became the Yevethan
flagship, later renamed to Pride of Yevethan.

Iron Fist
Original named Brawl, but was quickly renamed to Iron Fist by Admiral Zsinj, after his old Victory Class star destroyer.

Knight Hammer
Constructed by warlord Superior General Delvardus and commanded by Admiral Daala approximately eight years after the Emperor's death. Plated with special "stealth armour" as a sensor countermeasure, which has the interesting side-effect of making the hull almost completely black.

Secretly built and buried under the surface of Coruscant. Used as a top security prison complex for Imperial Intelligence.

Razor Kiss
Constructed 4 years after the Battle of Endor. Stolen by (then) Warlord Zsinj.

Flagship of Scourge Squadron, an elite group of star destroyers which was formed for Grand Moff Tarkin and commanded by Grand Moff Ardus Kaine subsequent to Tarkin's death. Flagship of Kaine's Pentastar Alignment Imperial faction at a time approximately three years after the Emperor's death.

Admiral Sarn's command ship appearing in the Rebel Assault II computer game, some time before the Battle of Endor. It’s history is pretty much unknown.

Commanded by Admiral Senn in Airam sector sometime between the battles of Hoth and Endor. It’s fate is unknown.

Apparently one of the top line star dreadnoughts in the wealthy and well defended shipbuilding Kuat Sector at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Supposedly it’s big enough to be included as a Super Star Destroyer, but little is known of it.

First of atleast 4 Sovereign-Class ships built 6 years after Endor, but was never finished. Unknown reason why not.

One of atleast 4 Sovereign-Class ships built 6 years after Endor. Nothing is really known of it.

One of atleast 4 Sovereign-Class ships built 6 years after Endor. Nothing is really known of it.

One of atleast 4 Sovereign-Class ships built 6 years after Endor. Nothing is really known of it.

That's about all I know (some I re-learned about and a few I learned about )

Q: I'll come back to the question, I kinda suck at them, and have to leave for work right now.
I'll think up a good, but not too hard one.

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