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OMG - are you saying the CUSWE is wrong

*fragile reality of Astro's mind disintegrates*

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, the CUSWE also states the SOTE sourcebook as a reference, and you know those sourcebooks are damn freaky. Nonetheless, since you were referring to XWA, I will trust in your extensive knowledge of that wonderful game.

I really didnt research Rogue Nine for that card, I plugged it into an google image search and found that someone had made a card for it. I just altered the text.

* * *

Now, Jan has not supplied us with a question. I will supply one that Im sure he can answer if he feels the need to get on and be questionin'

* * *

Q. What is an Interdictor Class of ship ?? Who were they extensively used by in EU novels, and how do they work ?


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