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how was he sent to his brother?

The version that I learned: Hodr was killed by Vali.

As far as the RPG: I currently do not have Vali as a son of Odin, so I am unsure if Hodr is even involved in Balder's death. If I decide he is, then he probably would be absolved of the murder.

Reason: Hodr was used purely an oblivious pawn in Loki's plan to kill Blader. I may go as far as having Loki assume Balder voice and appearance so that Hodr would be completly unaware of who was helping him aim or what he was aiming at.

But as I have said I am unsure so this very well could change.


RPG: NO, Heimdall is not trying to offend Drago, just being a little blunt.

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