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BD: That may be true if they had the same culture but alas they do not. This is the samething as how a wave in one culture can mean hello while in another culture that wave can mean "go screw yourself." I just made that up but there are plenty of real world examples of this, for instance in Japan it is a custom to exchange business cards. Now in the US when that is done the card is put away almost immediatly, which if done in Japan would be very offensive.

Just because Drago never intended to make such an insult doesn't change the fact that he did. I would also point out that no Aesir would have taken offense at what Heimdall said, at least not to such a degree as Drago has/had.

Since we are on this topic, Allessa greatly insulted the Aesir when she refused to disarm and meet with Vidar. Especially considering how generous Vidar was in granting an audience so quickly and not making them wait. Think about the saying "When in Rome do as the romans do." There should be no disgrace in Allessa for respecting the culture of a world that not only is she tresspassing on but is going to need their aid. Needless to say the Aesir have a very low opinion of her.


I think I'm going to enjoy watching Hal and Allessa try and convince Heimdall of that.

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