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Admiral: I realise that they do not have the same culture, this is why I think its important to discuss things like this when they come up. What we actually had here was a simulated diplomatic incident. So to speak.

What we have learned here, I think, is that the cultures of these two peoples are quite similar but they don't mesh well. Obviously honour is very important to both cultures, but the way that it is measured and weighed is the difference.

Would that be a fair assessment?

Regards Hal and Allessa, well they're an interesting pair, aren't they? While I would never excuse either of them the Aesir should bear in mind that neither is very old really, (Hal is about 24 here, I think, Allessa is 22), so imature would be a good way to describe the way they acted but it should be seen in perspective.

What the Aesir really should consider though is that both these people were put through the pure agony of the destruction of 80% of the galaxy and the deaths of pretty much all their family.

Hal lost his father on the Crimson Star, his brother in the immidiate bloodshed and his sister and mother in the insueing civil war. He has also lost his great uncle and his great aunt, who were effectivly his grandparents. His tragedies were in stages, so to speak and most were in battle.

A brief list of who Allessa lost: Her father, mother, three brothers, a sister, numerous cousins, an uncle, her grand parents, on both sides and Hal's father, who she was actually quite close to. Now with the exception of Taklin Flax all those people died when Agamar went boom and that is the direct fault of the Aesir. Bearing in mind the Agamarian attitude to death this is very upsetting for a young woman and leaves her the last of her line.

Just something to bear in mind.

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