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Hello there ... finally got admitted to the forum and I'm just now checking the threads ... some nice suggestions here...

Well ... I nearly completely agree with Redtech's suggestion list ... though I'm not so sure about his complaints concerning the vehicles and rocket infantry... but I'm a Rookie who's hardly had the chance to play this game against anyone but the computer yet.

But yes! Yes and yes again! Galactic Conquest absolutely has to be reworked to include multiplayer mode (and please not just online, but for LAN, too)!

It would certainly add some -desperately needed - spice to the game ... I actually had some very similar ideas as to how one could make Galactic Conquest more strategic and interesting. As possible advantages for controlled planets ... how about - just for example - an imperial garrison city at Tattooine with nice fortress walls, turrets, lots of propagan... err ... I mean of course: information posters (Peace and Order for the Galaxy! /The emperor smiles down upon you, loyal subject! / Have you seen this rebel? / Pay your taxes, help to end the war!),and some neutral stormtroopers patroulling in the streets?

It would also be great if one could - to a certain degree - buy vehicles prior to the actual combat ... one would of course need a commander for each team for this ... but that shouldn't be such a great problem, should it?

I also agree that we need more skins ... and maps!

How about some space based maps with a Mon Calamari Cruiser and a Star Destroyer? They wouldn't even need to me mobile, it would be sufficient if they just stood in place as a base with multiple command points . Some rooms for the turret operators, a bridge for the VIP (yes ... I love this idea, too! ) ... an engine room as a destructible command point, hangars, from which fighters could be launched ... and which could be captured by the enemy faction! This would of course require the introduction of a Tyderian shuttle or Stormtrooper Transport - but the Civil War Era needs flying transports anyway ... and it would be just great!

Enter one of those cursed rebel cruisers, capture the hangar, blast your way through the corridors - and blow up the power generator! Hehe! About time to give the rebels a taste of their own stupid standard sabotage tactic!

Ups ... I should try to stay neutral ... don't want to be a too open supporter to the just imperial cause

Anyway ... such a ship map would be a great excuse for a couple of new skins, too. How about the black clad imperial marine troops replacing the stormtroopers in this level (with a weaker, but more precise blaster gun, perhaps? Just as a variation ...) and more varieties of the rebel rocket trooper uniform for the rebel side ... and perhaps a different pilot skin. Each ship could have neutral engineers /troopers standing around and maybe also assisting to fight intruders.

... and we need a Coruscant map, with loyal imperial militia / citizens protecting the street, a double-light-saber equipped red clad Royal Guard as a special imperial Troop (perhaps with chain lightning as a secondary weapon) ... yes ... don't complain, rebel scum ... ehm ... I mean, my dear rebel friends, of course one could also replace those lousy wookies with some jedis for this level.
Oh ... creative overflow - I guess I should better stop here, don't want to spam this nice forum
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