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BD: You didn't answer my first question although I think I understand what you meant. Also I really do need an answer about when you are going to have Hal and Allessa talk to Heimdall. *If its going to be a while I'm going to have my characters do some other stuff*

And the world building thread will continue, remember Red has very limited computer time so things are going a little slow. And I way post some questions.


There are some misconceptions about the Aesirian armor.

You have essentially only seen Cermonial, Formal armor. Also the colors are dark colors. (Dark Red, Dark Green, and Dark Blue). It is also not that shiny.

You may remember a while ago the Aesir at night put a "paint" on their weapons (and armor) to remove any chance it may glint. In the last thread when Allessa was picked up by Ragnar who also picked up a group of Beserks. The Beserks were wearing white armor which blended in with the snow.

If you really would like to know more about their armor I'll post more. (But remember I need an answer to that second question)

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