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I think you misunderstood me, my dear fellow imperial!

I didn't propose to introduce a pure spaceship combat battle map. You're right, this should be something for a Tie Fighter sequel
Though my idea for space maps definitely features starfighter skirmishes, this wouldn't necessarily be the main focus ... just the first step for boarding battles. A shuttle with fighter escort tries to make it to the enemy capital ship, enters the hangar, the troops on board get out, capture the command point there and trie to conquer the rest of the ship, which (along with the other ship) would be the main part of the battle. The space outside the ships would be a kind of secondary battlefield. To make it interesting for anything besides the actual boarding-of-the-hangar-part, the starfighter could perhaps be allowed to target some key points like external shield generators or energy systems (cuts down ship power systems, maybe interior turrets/shields ... and bathes the enemy ship corridors in red emergency light etc...). But if that's too complicated, well ... you'd need to go back to space anyway once one faction repels the invaders and regains control of it's own hangar and other command posts.
Sigh ... I really hope such a thing will be introduced someday in this game. Well ... I don't know what you think of it, but I always liked the concept of boarding battles - just think of Vader's troops entering this pitiful rebel corvette in Episode 4. Not that this was a particularly spectacular battle, but I think it shows a great deal of potential.

By the way, of course I didn't want to weaken our valiant empire's forces ... THe black clad marine trooper (I don't know how they are actually called, in Jedi Knight 2 they were called "Commandos" but I also found some other sources which described them as the Empire's standard marines) is not supposed to be weaker then the stormtrooper (well, it would make sense, when you consider that stormtroopers are supposed to be the Empire's elite, but let's ignore this for balance) ... I just thought it would be interesting if he had a slightly different equipment than the standard stormtrooper. A weaker but more precise or perhaps quicker heavy blaster pistol to replace the standard stormtrooper gun was just an idea along this line.

Besides: do you really think all classes but the stormtrooper are weak? I'm not that sure about this Even the pilot - which I once considered to be the most useless class outside of vehicles - can do some amazing things if you learn to use his mortar ... Ah ... I love to be a Tie pilot (well ... since Tie Fighter, so I'm perhaps a little biased)

Oh ... one further point to support space maps: When I think back to the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels (really nice, but sadly another horrible piece of rebel propaganda ) they did feature some good boarding battles, though you have to endure the fact that valiant imperial troops are once again portrayed as being as ready for combat as clay pigeons in a shooting gallery.
Anyway, it had this one scene with imperial space troopers ... which strikes me as a very good idea for another special class. Troopers in extremely bulky suits which were able to fly in space and were armed with photon torpedo launchers ...

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