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Ah ... but we want more variety, not less, don't we?
Anyway, as the Clone Jet Trooper is - in my opinion- the only class that is potentially overpowered, it makes little sense to clone him (sorry for the pun). And I didn't have another swift and mobile jet-trooper class in mind ... quite the contrary: a slow trooper in an extremely heavy suit (which perhaps might be able to take a bit more damage then your usual stormtrooper armour) ... a spacetrooper wouldn't be able to use vehicles and even be a bit sluggish when turning around, yet he would be able to fly a little (mainly in space) and have a ... mmmh ... short ranged, but very powerful torpedo attack? Perhaps also effective against vehicles, but I'd leave that question to the balancing team

Another point: every imperial soldier is of course far superior to rebel scum ... But to prevent our trainees from boredom, rebel troops in this simulation have of course been unrealistically strengthened for the sake of a more balanced fighting experience.

Thus in this context, imperial troops are not MEANT to be superior to rebel's rabble. Of course we still remain morally superior, as we are fighting on the right side and don't have to resort to sabotage and dealing with smugglers

... but let's come back to boarding battles - thanks for the support!
I hope the list of supporters for this will grow even more... the concept is expandable, after all, as there are so many exciting things one can try to board (just to pick up one of your earlier suggestions )

Glory to the Empire!
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