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Riding Dewbacks actually is an approved therapeutic method to calm down hyperactive Dewback males. It does wonders to their blood circulation and helps to reduce excessive fat reserves ... which are a common problem for domestic Dewbacks. Their average lifetime benefits greatly from regular riding exercises. But you, wearing an imperial uniform and identification, should already know this, unless you've failed to study your manual theta-c3n [on survival on remote desert planets], section 10d
Let me just quote a few lines of this amazing fountain of wisdom and great example of the Empire's care for native wildlife.
Excerpt from section 19d:"Know Your Dewback, quick tips on animal handling"
4) Dewbacks are not edible. Additionally the roasting of dewbacks on open fire might cause their fur to burn ... the fire could get out of control and become a severe threat to the native environment.
5) Due to the increased amount of concerned questions from young troopers, fresh from the galactic core regions: No, you are absolutely correct. There is no ignition on Dewbacks, they are NOT technically compatible to speeders and neither are there any regular brakes. You have to learn how to use the reins (please see section 34b).

(Besides, speaking of Dewbacks - how about adding them to a map?)

As you see, unlike the Rebels, the Empire encourages the responsible handling of animals under it's care.

And concerning those wild tales the Rebel propaganda loves to spread about Wookie slaves being abused by brutal imperials - well, if you believe THAT, your political education is obviously in dire need of improvement!

First of all, Wookies are clearly not the poor noble and abused victims rebels like to portray ... they are primitive, brutal and savage beasts that lack any sort of civilization! They are, in fact, parasites, preying on the innocent animals in their environment. The empire's interest of course is to get those wookies of the streets ... err ... I mean, of the forests, so that the local fauna can finally recuperate from the mindless bloodlust of those furred monsters.
Besides, they are a severe risk to the health of our galactic citizens. Did you know that, due to their excessive fur and horrible hygiene, Wookies can carry up to five hundred different kind of lice and transmit a multitude of deadly diseases?
Ever heard a rebel talk openly about that? No .... of course not!
A great part of the unspeakable "tortures" wookies have to endure in imperial hands are regular showers.

Now what the empire does in those "nasty" work camps is putting the Wookie's feral energy to good use, so that the galaxy can actually benefit even from the most primitive and aggressive elements. A long term goal is of course the civilizing of the Wookies, but - understandably - this might yet take a long while. We are only at the beginning of a long and arduous journey in that regard. It is clearly no help at all that the Rebellion lets those beasts run free and doesn't flinch at using them as cannon fodder for their own goals.

So - judge yourself! Who is the real friend of the animals?

Glory to the Empire!
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