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Post Post your clan details here!

well its the same as the battlefront treath and it seems the number of republic commando clans will also grow now we are almost in the last 2 months

Clan Name:
Co Leaders:
Clan Email:
Story aboud your clan:

Clan Name: -]RedCell[-
Site: Http://
Forum: *on the site*
Leader: Nokill
Co Leaders: Varion Urmel
Clan Email:
Story aboud your clan:
RedCell is a former DarkForces clan that started out in late 1995.
after jk2 came we started to go over to that game and we have played that for a long time and we also moved on to jka then after a year of that we expendet to battlefront and now we will also expand to republic commando
*it looks almost the same RedCell<<-->>republic commando*
well we already have a few members telling thay wan't to join the team
we only got a test memberpage so far
i hope we will get a good server for this game and redcell will play this for a good long time to

*up to 20 years of RedCell *


Site: Clicky

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