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Originally posted by Amidala from Chop Shop

Kamino: Start as a Jet Trooper. Get to the Beta 2 command post as quickly as possible. I use the Jet Pack inside the Cloning Center because it's faster than running. I run after I run out of fuel while it recharges, then I fly again across the water straight to Beta 2. While I am capturing the CP, usually a droideka or two rolls up and gets Beta 3. As soon as I capture Beta 2, I fly up to Beta 1. Usually a droideka or SBDs will come up from Beta 3, so be ready. If you can capture Beta 2 and Beta 1 this way, you can usually capture Beta 3 pretty quickly because it is caught in a crossfire from Beta 1 and Beta 2. Once you have Beta 1, 2, and 3, and the Cloning Center, you have 4 out of 7 CPs and the droid reinforcements start draining. Go back to the Cloning Center and defend it, and victory is imminent.
You do the same thing as me!

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