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Ah ... thanks for the nice data material I have to admit that we pilots sometimes tend to neglect our manual studies as well ...
Mmh ... it seems that either our regular ground troops fight battles somewhat like stormtroopers do in those ridiculous rebel propaganda vids (you know, twenty well armed & armoured troopers continually firing at & constantly missing two pitiful rebels in everyday clothing who somehow manage to take down one stormtrooper per shot) ... and are therefore just not particularly presentable for galactic channels- or Imperial Army troopers are a well guarded secret force, which is actually busy preparing a massive and decisive strike on the rebel scum! Another possibility is that they are notoriously shy and like to keep their private sphere.
Anyway ... now that we have a phantom picture of those mysterious soldiers - how about adding them to a map? (Yes ... I know I keep saying things like that ... but then: there's an awful lot of skins out there waiting to be used ... and why not get EVERY SINGLE ONE of them into the game ... WHARHARHARHAR! - evil, maniacal laughter)

Well, TK-8252 ... I wish to congratulate you for your work on this simulation program! Introducing rebel smugglers into their faction is certainly a measure of high pedagogic value!
This would be an excellent example to show all those new recruits the close link between the rebellion and smugglers ... Ah ... could you perhaps create suitably ragged and dirty clothing for this particular scoundrel? It would subtly underline the closest connection between rebels and smugglers: both are dirty criminals!
On the other hand ... I think you're perhaps planning to put too much equipment in the hands of this special class ... and it would be a shame to rob us poor pilots of our supply dispensers and mortars ... Well, honestly speaking, I have no idea why mortars belong to our standard equipment ... but then - I don't know if Taun-Taun sandwiches, a bottle of Corellian Ale, a well-stocked library of entertainment vids, a soothing audio disc(Sunset over Coruscant, The Imperial March, Tie-Fighter-Engine MIX etc.), a pair of extra large fluffy house shoes, a lava lamp, fine silk cushions, a dart-board, an inflatable AT-AT, a rubber duck and a piece of soap ... and all the rest of the emergency stuff - are strictly necessary either ...
We pilots sometimes need a proof of our elite status during a hard day in the cockpit... and you just can't say how it would affect combat morale if you took anything of this away ...
The galaxy is a strange place ... You never know if you won't end up with a blown engine tomorrow ... alone on a desolate swamp planet - and the only thing which saves you from being eaten by a giant monsters with incredibly large teeth is ... well ... feeding it your rubber duck maybe ... so that it dies from indigestion. Or maybe a crazed old eremite won't help you unless you give him some decent food or your lava lamp? See - the very idea to take something away from us pilots is irresponsible!

Glory to the Empire!
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