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I hate to hijack this thread with my own personal modding (if a Mod wants to split this into a new thread in Editing please do).

Pilots - don't underestimate the blaster pistol here! It does pack a punch. You just gotta know how to use it. I don't understand why they gave Pilots 'nade launchers and such. And giving them a support duty makes even less sense.

In earlier stages, the Rebel Pilot only had a blaster pistol, fusioncutter, haywire (EMP) grenades, and the ability to auto-eject from a destroyed vehicle. Then the next faction revealed, CIS, had the Pilot Droid armed with a 'nade launcher, blaster pistol, fusioncutter, time bombs, and a "repair kit" which was used for repairing other droids (I think the fusioncutter at one point was also used for repairing other droids). It could also auto-eject. But then when they had to remove the Unique support units (officers, real smugglers, etc.), they had to give the Supply Dispenser to the Pilots, and it became the all-around support/engineer unit.

I originally hoped that it could be coded so vehicles could restrict who could and couldn't use it (no Scout Troopers in TIE Fighters or Stormtroopers in AT-ST's). But since they're not releasing the code, I don't think this is possible. This would mean that Pilots would play a much bigger role in, well, actually piloting. But since this isn't possible... I suppose I'll have to give them some sort of primary weapon. But whatever it is it won't be a 'nade launcher, shotgun, or lightning machine.

The Unique units aren't getting any more than they need. The Imperial Officer's only direct weapon is a standard pistol. There's Orbital Strikes which are its best weapon, a Recon Droid taken from the Scout Trooper, and the Supply Dispenser. The Rebel Smuggler has the Commando Pistol which a good weapon, the Disguise Kit which actually isn't as useful as it seems like. All it can do is get you past enemy lines where you can either do sneak attacks on lone Imperials or try to take a Command Post, alone. Then there's the Thermal Detonator and Supply Dispenser.
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