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uhm first of all. you were wrong phreak tracjan sal solo wasnt behind all the riots and coupe in the corellia system just for the planet corellia

and to answer your question:
he was a Drall.. specie. i got the dutch word for it tho . from one of the corellian sytem planets named: Drall

his name was Ebrihim. and he had a droid as assistant his number was: Q9-X2. he was a droid with a personality. never wanting to really listen and always in for an argument. he was also always upgrading himself without asking for new upgrades. he looked a bit like R2-D2. but he could float on repulsers. and he could talk. instead of beeps.

i got this info from the corellian trilogy and tyhe book is named: ambush at corellia.

my question stands.
Q: Who was really behind the coupe and riots in the corellia system in the corellian trilogy. and what was so special about them?

what is up?
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