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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
i think he is referring to the triad, which was the ruling group on Sacorria, consisting of one Human, one Drall, and one Selonian. It was from the third Corellian Trilogy book: Showdown at Centerpoint.

If I'm correct, then I pass the next question to whoever wants to ask one.

from CUSWE, of course :
...This was the primary governmental body of the planet Sacorria. It was formed from three leaders, each representing one of the three main races - human, Selonian, and Drall - which made Sacorria their home

Shortly after the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Triad attempted to secede from the New Republic and take control of the Corellian Sector. They made a deal with Thrackan Sal-Solo, who provided his Human League members as disposable troops in return for his chance to become Diktat of the Corellian System. ....
I'm awarding Shok the point. Wraith, Im not sure what you meant by 'what was so special about them', apart from perhaps they comprised three different races... ? please confirm

* * *

ok, back to the questions....

Q. There is an astromech in Obi-Wans Jedi Starfighter in EpII,,,,,what is its name, where was it found and by whom ?

BONUS : a pic

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