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Originally posted by Wraith 8
OOOPS!! and i mean HUGE oops i confused the generals
I mean general madine if im right. the book is doomday device. with the Darksaber in it.

bloodstripes is awarded for humans because of heroic deeds.
the bloodstripes has red and gold if im right. persons who wear it is: Han Solo. en myn donos

i dont have a link to the pics but i found a site with them on.

they are at the bottom
OK. you are correct, but I am *very tempted* to deduct points for your FALSE QUESTION ! I wont though, because I am a nice guy

And here were you and Jan, strutting like you know more than Astro/CUSWE/ ....pfft !! (JK)

* * *

I'll resume, lest you lead us astray again wraith

Q. Obi Wan Kenobi's(ANH era) lightsaber...what happenned to it !? Locations, Names and References Plz !


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