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tsk tsk

Someone doesn't read their Old Republic Comics.

The Guardians of Kiffu. They are a group of force sensitives charged with guarding the prison world of Kiffex. They have psychometric abilities which allowed them to "read the past" from objects. Jedi Quinlan Vos is a Jedi first and a Guardian. His psychometric abilities are stronger than other Guardians. Check out the Old Republic Comics before/during the Clone Wars.

That card is acceptable, when I win next round, it has to be even better!


Jabba the Hutt: Everyone knows Jabba. He hung Han frozen in carbonite on his wall, and killed his cousin (or what would be cousins for Hutts)! Jabba appears in the movies and some EU books.

Zorba the Hutt: Zorba was Jabba's father. he taught Jabba everything he knew. After he learned that Jabba was dead, he sought out revenge on Leia. I remember he is mention in a couple of places. I think any book dealing with Hutts...

Jiliac the Hutt: Jiliac was Jabba's uncle. During the Ylesia scam, they worked together to make credits off Ylesia. They were the ones who hired Han, and that's how Han met Jabba. Jiliac was killed by Durga the Hutt for murdering his father. After the battle, Jabba killed Jiliac's offspring, giving him control of clan Deslijic. Read about it in the han Solo Trilogy.

Aruk the Hutt: Aruk of clan Besadii was Jiliac's rival at the time. Jiliac had Aruk killed through slow poisoning. Aruk is Durga's father, which is why Durga killed Jiliac. Read about it in the Han Solo Trilogy.

Durga the Hutt: Aruk's offspring was lucky to be alive. Due to the birthmark on his face, he was pretty much socially unacceptable. After Aruk was killed, Durga became partners with Prince Xizor and Black Sun to find out who killed his father. He found out, killed Jiliac, and remained in the shadows of Jabba's sucess over the years. Durga is most notable for his Darksaber effort... which was a huge failure. Durga is the one responsible for Crix Madine's death. <.<
Durga died aboard Darksaber. Read about it in Darksaber or the Han Solo Trilogy.

Gardulla the Hutt: A close friend of Jabba. Most notable about Gardulla was that she owned Anakin and his mother until Gardulla lost them on a podrace to Watto. See it in the Phantom Menace.

Grappa the Hutt: Grappa is known for his ruthlessness, ties to Black Sun, and his contract with Zanzibar. He unknowingly hired Kir Kanos under the guise of Kenix Kil, bounty hunter. In the end, New Republic forces raided Grappa's fortress, and the disgruntled Zanzibar captures Grappa to be used for their "ceremonies." Read about it in the Crimson Empire [Council of Blood] comics.

Kibbick the Hutt: Nephew of Aruk, and sent to be "in charge" of the Ylesia scam. Kibbick is considered a retard by Hutt standards. In the end, he was killed by Teroenza. Read about it in the Han Solo Trilogy.

Q: I was the last of my kind. I ensured our survival, and taught patience, planning, and secrecy. Who am I?

This really should be easy, and you should be ashamed if you have to look this up.

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