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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
tsk tsk

Someone doesn't read their Old Republic Comics.

The Guardians of Kiffu.

That card is acceptable, when I win next round, it has to be even better!


Jabba the Hutt:

Zorba the Hutt:

Jiliac the Hutt:

Aruk the Hutt:

Durga the Hutt:

Gardulla the Hutt:

Grappa the Hutt:

Q: I was the last of my kind. I ensured our survival, and taught patience, planning, and secrecy. Who am I?
you only needed 5 there smartguy

anyways 3 points to you

as I said, there were several entries for Guardians, including the Kiffu Guardians. I only picked the coolest I think your questions should have been more specific, because "The Guardians" specifically refer to a group which appeared in Legacy of the Jedi....

as for your question, beware you fall into the "Rogue Nine Trap" by asking a question that has more than one answer(just like your previous one actually)......

for example, Im saying Luke Skywalker... he was the last of the jedi for a very long time, quoting Yoda

when gone am I, the last of the jedi will you be....

Ensured establishing the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

Taught patience, planning, and secrecy....
Patience/Planning : to re-stablish the jedi order was going to be a long process, including the discovery of force sensitives from around the galaxy. With no records from the Republic, Luke has had to make most of it up as he goes along

Secrecy : Yavin 4 academy and its students were shielded from the prying eyes of the galaxy, and those who could profit from undermining Lukes Plans.....

If you are thinking of someone different, then I suggest you rephrase your question


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