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But Luke was not the last of his kind. There was another

Darth Bane is the correct answer. I don't think Luke was really teaching secrecy. Besides, if I gave the bit about "1000s of years ago," everyone would have gotten it.

And meh @ Guardians. Red armor isn;t special. Royal Guardsmen had Red armor

*Baron Soontir Fel is the legendary TIE pilot of the empire. You could say he was the "Imperial's Wedge" in a cockpit. He is married to Wedge's sister. Ysanne Isard gave him a lot of crap, but in the end, Fel joined with the Hand of Thrawn, and in the NJO, resides in Chiss space.
*He was a farm boy Corellia.
*Han Solo (and Loka Hask) was Fel's classmate.
*They were at Ord Biniir.
*The 181st.

Q: Explain why Hapan Battle Dragons are designed the way they are.

Bonus: Provid a pic of the ship.
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