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Clan Name: Atrum Alarius
Leader: Narrok Lalartu
Co Leaders: Con-Ick' Ifeco (Recruiting Staff Members)
Clan Email:

Story aboud your clan:
Atrum Alarius is a new starting clan for Star Wars Republic Commando.
Hoping to host servers to play the game when it is released for Multi Player use.
Squad leaders are based in the UK but hoping to make this a site for UK and USA players with Team Speak servers attached to clan when game play is available

Possiably branching out into game play for BattleGround,JK Series and Empire at War (when released)
Waiting for webspace to become available for the site, but the forum is up.
View of the upcoming site can be seen here:

Narrok Lalartu
Atrum Alarius
Republic Commando Clan
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