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Oh, okay.

Well the group is leaving in the morning/by next night, I assume. (Considering what's about to happen.)

Okay, now I have a question for EVERYONE.

Who wants to be kidnapped?

The alien mercenaries are about to return very briefly, just long enough to kidnap one or two or three (or more if they get REALLY lucky) of the group and flee. The attack should take under thirty seconds.

Prime targets are everyone who fared badly in the previous fight with the mercs. This means for example, Raschel and Matt would be immediate targets while Idun and Gerd wouldn't be. I figure, though, that you might want some say in what happens to your character.

If you want or don't want your character kidnapped, post. If you don't post I'll assume you don't want this; but I'd rather you let me know anyway

Note this won't entail removing your character from the RPG. The storyline will just be split showing what's happening to the kidnapped characters, and what's happening to the main group (who will probably be following the kidnappers to try to rescue the kidnapped people. Although of course that can't be guaranteed )

The attack will probably happen at dawn, although it could occur any time before and after that. (If anyone has any problems with the timing let me know that as well.)

Note also this scene will precipitate the group jumping dimensions.

edit: WTF is up with all my typos lately?

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