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well, sorry about not replying sooner, but thats because i've gotten tsl to work on my machine. you do the math.

anyways, i've been running tsl without any problems with the new 5.2 catalyst drivers as long as i don't turn on the AA or AF. otherwise, the game freezes after loading 5-6 modules.

during my, ehh, 9 hr binge (made me miss my 8:30 class ) last nite, i had a silkly smooth framerate with some descent visual quality, although some areas were begging for some good AA. i'm just hoping the AA and AF issues will be addressed in the first patch, well, assuming there will be a patch, anyway.

oh well, if anybody has problems using the 5.2 catalyst drivers with tsl, then post here. i'd be more than welcome to offer a couple of suggestions.

note: i had no problems with the frame buffer effects whatsoever.

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