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my specs:
Motherboard:Asus P4P800 Deluxe
CPU:P4 2.533
HSF:Zalman 7000a alcu
Memory:samsung(2x512DDR333)dual mode
Monitor:ViewSonic P95f+B
Video:ATI Radeon AIW 9700 pro
PCI Cards:Sound Blaster Audigy X-Gamer
Storage:WD WD80GB
Optical Drives:Lite-on CDRW +Lite-on DVD
O/S:Win XPpro SP1

I'm useing cats 5.1 with Frame buffer, smooth shadows, grass, AA @ 2 and AF @ 4 and the game has been smooth (I mean really smooth. there are still some frame loss when there are alot of particle effects, but I'm getting better proformance than I ever did in KotOR) right until I reached

Everthing was fine then all of a sudden it slowed to a halt. I figured that it must have something to do with Framebuffer effects so I turned it off went back to the game and no change so I turned it back on and everything was back to being smooth again I have encountered it a couple more times and turning off and on frame buffer stops the frame loss.

I also encountered a total game freeze then crash once. There wasn't any warning signs it just froze and 30 seconds later it crashed.
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