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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
Davin Felth was....
heh. I'll pay the 2 points, however, I was thinking of this :

difference: He was one of the generation of stormies that wasnt a clone..

notable: shot his squad captain(called Terrik) whilst they were firing at Han and Co. leaving on the Falcon in ANH. He did this as earlier, he was sickened at Terrik executing a Jawa for not being able to furnish him with information about the Rebels in Mos Eisley... As a result of these events, Felth became a Rebel sympathiser.

all this of course, in the Tales from Mos Eisley compilation....

* * *

Thank you for the remembering to ask a question !!

What is the Ssi-ruuk homeworld, and what system is it in?

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